Pop Culture:

Hmmmmm, so about 99% of the time I get asked about a movie, musician, television show, model, etc… I have either absolutely no knowledge OR the bare minimum amount of facts. I can’t even keep up with movie quotes! Sometimes I wonder if it’s just that I busy myself with working that I tend to miss out on what’s going on or worse…that I don’t embrace pop culture.

So today, while working from home- I’ve begun a mission. Nothing serious but this mission is hopefully going to change my pop culture knowledge as I know it. I’m still working out the kinks, but I feel better already!

I won’t ever write a post with out some images, so I’ll leave you with this…

I saw this on Pininterest.com What is it? Cat? Yoda? I don’t know, but I love it!

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About triciavo

The story goes that Patricia Voto, inspired by hand-crafted luxury goods, decided at an early age to get down to business and pursue her first degree in design. Fresh out of high school, Pat left her home on the forgotten borough of Staten Island and landed on the corner of 13th Street and 5th Avenue. Patty's work at Parsons has been driven by her appreciation for fashion tailoring and fine art--thoughtful, well-made, and playful. Four years and four nicknames later, Trish is ready to bounce and move on to bigger and better things. Still living in NYC with a BFA in Product Design, she has had many opportunities to work with several brands in the fashion industry and home goods firms.

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